Posted On February 13, 2008

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The ingredience to the Fluffed-snuglapuffin is solved!The ingredience to the Fluffed-snuglapuffin is solved!


Winner of the poem contest/Valentinesday party

Posted On February 8, 2008

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Attention everyone, The winner of the valentines day contest is…Mcdonaldsparty! Congratulations you won the countrybed and you are already on my sneakypoo friends list.  This is what’s happening with the party everyone. Today is my webkinz pinkpony Bubblegum’s B-day on feb 8th but I’m not having the party today so I’m holding a suprise B-day party for her on Thursday Feb 14 at 4:30pm to 6:30 pm. Everyone who want’s to come can come it’s a everyone thing. We will be meeting on the PINK zone and my user name is sneakypoo. So if you want to come and you’re not on my friends list please add me.First when you arrive we will be in Bubblegums room then my playroom and last my frontyard. If you need to use the bathroom you can. I will provide lots of games for you guys. After the party when you leave I will send each of you a exclusive eitem. And  if you tell other people about my party on your blog or another blog then you will get a extra  gift. At my party Brane_in_a-jar is having a fashion contest at my party. Who ever has the coolest outfit winnes something but it’s just for fun so if you don’t want to do it then you don’t have to but it’s pretty cool. Hope to see you guys there and don’t forget on that day the Super Wheel is here!

Posted On February 2, 2008

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A future exclusive bed I found out about