Get ready for a webkinz valentines day

Posted On January 26, 2008

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Everyone, I am doing a very fun activity it is a Valentines day peom contest. the persone that writes the best peom will get a rare country bed.  the contest starts Jan 26th and ends on Feb 8th. after the contest is over, I am planning to throw a Valentines day party at my webkinz house and there will be fun stuff. my user names are: 11horses and sneakypoo and gsc0976 but the party will be on my gsc0976 account.    Add me!

11 Responses to “Get ready for a webkinz valentines day”


    valintines day is full of love,
    also its of fun and joy.
    One card equals a piece of love,
    and also some candy wont hurt that much,
    i wish u the best of luck,
    and please add me.
    my user is yanksrul. im on ur 11horses friends list.

  2. mcdonaldsparty

    heart candies are chewy chocolate roses are sweet thinking of valentines all through the week although it is chilly and sometimes covered in snow we’re hoping to get stuck with cupid’s bow we love to eat candy we think it is fun we’re all disapointed when valentines is done.

  3. mcdonaldsparty

    My user name is mcdonaldsparty

  4. mcdonaldsparty

    Please invite me to your party.

  5. webkinzcollecter

    The party is for everyone it is not a contest so you can come without asking. Just add me.

  6. Brane_in_a_jar

    I’ll be at the party.
    THe best valentines day dressed pet will recieve a prize.
    P.S. My usernames are Ranestorm 5 and 10
    I will be ranestorm5

  7. webkinzcollecter

    Does that count to me too ranestorm?

  8. Brane_In_A_Jar

    Yes webkinzcolllecter, you too.

  9. webkinzcollecter


  10. Agkit123

    I’ll be there. Also, after that party there will be one at my house!!!

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