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Posted On July 5, 2009

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Hi guys,  I don’t   think I will visit this blog again. But the good  news is I have a new blog about dance and it’s www.balletdancingqueen.wordpress.com so that is were you should go if you would like to talk to me 🙂



Sad news :frown:

Posted On February 8, 2009

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Hi I am finally back after this busy week. I am not going to delete this blog but I am not going to post on my blog anymore for a few months at least. I will still comment on it but I will not make any more posts for a while. It is not because I am upset with any of you. It is because I need a break and it is just too hard for me to have a blog right now. I am really sorry 😥 I know some of you are very attached to this blog and I want to thank you all for supporting me. I will still be on other peoples blog like always but I just won’t  post on this blog  for at least three months.


Videos from December ballet Claires Christmas/ Bella/ Wc E-store opened!

Posted On January 18, 2009

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wesmallbirthday-035Everyone Alvin has some dazzling news for you…. His WEBKINZCOLLECTER E-STORE HAS FINALLY OPENED AND THE STUFF YOU CAN BUY IS WAAAAAAYYYYYY BETTER THAN BE FOR!  Also in the kinz mail one of my best word press friends named Bella sent me the trading card bed! Bella I want to thank you so much for that bed. I will never give it up because it was from you. Also the Bella in Webkinzarebetterthankyou’s blog was not really Bella. Bella would never say mean things like that and she did not stop Word press.webkinz_tc_bed1And last I have some videos to show you from The Nutcracker ballet in December. I am sorry there late but I was sooo busy with it. I am one of the girls in the part dance with the girls that hols fans and I am the shorter Shepard. Can you guess which dancer I am in the fan dance? Who ever guesses correctly will win a very big prize in the kinz mail so if you guess right I will say you did and you will need to give me you’re user name.

Wc news valentine party/ Webkinz world news 2009

Posted On January 15, 2009

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Hi everybody 😀 I am so glad to be finally posting. I have some Webkinzcollecter news. The fist news is thank you so much to everyone who has done the comment contest. Roxy18 you have won the Terra cotta chair so please tell me you’re user name. The comment contest is still going on so please comment.  And last part of the WC news paper is in February I my frog Lilly will host a huge valentines day party in webkinz world. It will be better than any party I have ever hosted so be prepared 😀 

Now time  for webkinz world news. These are some upcoming items that will arrive in webkinz world soon. I can not wait for the super bed!railwaydreams-bed1



ANOTHER Wc contest/ webkinz party ideas

Posted On January 9, 2009

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Hi every one Today I found something very cool. Even if you are older and you’re Birthday is coming up wouldn’t it be fun to have a webkinz theme party? Well I have tips on how to do that

First you need props which are: If it is nice outside you can buy a mini trampline 2. Lil’ kinz to hand out or webkinz trading cards 3. You can buy plain t shirts that are a dollar and put webkinz on themwebkinz_tshirtfavor1Then you have to create webkinz invitation’s

These are food recipies you can make:webkinz_wowcake61And there is lot more but I don’t have time to post everything so if you want to know more visit www.toppartyideas.com

Now on with my webkinz contest.  This contest is a COMMENT CONTEST

Comment 100 wines terra cotta chair

comment 200 wines santa kinz bed

comment 350 wines charm forest poster

and comment 450 wines…. The Halloween creepy bed! So please comment as tell everyone you know about this contest. My user name is 11horses and please post you’re user name when you  win. Also the rules are

no mean comments

you can win only twice

And most important HAVE FUN 😀


Ballet in Russia

Posted On January 8, 2009

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oksana_2ballet207These photos are from a ballet film called  “A beautiful tragedy. It is about a 16 year old girl in Russia who is training at  the Kirov in Russia and it talks about the hard times and pain dancers go through.  I have read about it and the cover says ” her mom gave her to the Kirov when she was only five because her mom was poor. She  is very lovely with no friends and even though she is a super talented dancer her teachers do not like her or any of them. She and alot of the other girls are anorexic  which is so sad 😦  and she longs to be back home with her mom but her mom tells her she has to continue.  She dances nine hours everyday and so do all the other students who applies the Kirov. Her teachers are very cruel and scream and call the students names.”  I know this is a sadder post that I usually make. I hope the anorexic part didn’t upset any of you.  This movie is a reality show. If you do ballet then I highly recommend this video for you. There is also some happy stuff in it from what  I have heard. I have never watched it but I really want to. If you want to know more about this video then you can go on google and type in  The beutiful tragedy.ballet2041

Webkinz news

Posted On January 8, 2009

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Howdy friends how are you?  I am good but busy like always. Any ways today I found some awesome news about these new webkinz that will be out some time in 2009. By the way this is a reminder that right now Alvins WC  E-store is unavailable until February because Alvin and I are working on it so it can be WAY cooler then befor  and have more items so please be patient. Well anyways on Saturday you better be here because I am going to post something very exciting.

Lets begin

1. Are first webkinz is  this Sea horse isn’t he cute?jan9wekz2121c7_11preview_lil_seahorse1

I am back

Posted On December 31, 2008

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Hi everyone sorry I have not been posting I have just been super busy and needed a break. I am going to do some changes to my blog so it can be more fun and there will be more contests. I promise to post twice a week and if I have time three times a week, I will post about new upcoming stuff in webkinz world and more fun stuff, I will have contests a lot like almost every week, once every two months I will hold party’s in webkinz world, there is going to be posts that say story time with Webkinzcollecter and these story’s are random and funny webkinz stuff, and he webkinz e-store is currently unavailable because Alvin is putting cooler stuff in the WC e-store. Well anyways this is going to be one of the upcoming webkinz4181-11hs5111

Wc blog/ other

Posted On December 2, 2008

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Hey bloggers how are you?  Well this week has been very busy and stressful because Claire’s Christmas my ballet performance is coming up this Saturday and I am very busy with that. I am sorry for not posting as much. I will tell you guys I am a little discouraged to create posts because not very many people visit even when I made a Wc e-store page were you can get exclusives for free. So I would like everyone please to tell me what you would like to see change on this blog because this blog is made for you guys to enjoy. The contest I posted below is still going on just so you guys know. I will tell you guys how my ballet performance went. Please wish me luck I am very stressed about doing well.galmont0080011pnkslipps1

Happy Thank’s giving/ Ballet

Posted On November 27, 2008

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HAPPY THANKS GIVING EVERYONE 🙂 I logged in webkinz world today and I got a Thanks giving basket so be sure to log in webkinz world today. All my webkinz are so excited we are preparing food for a huge feast tonight. I am so thankful for all my beloved 16 webkinz. By the way in a little more than  a week my first Nutcracker performance is coming up and I just can’t wait I have been working very hard and practicing endless hours for my roles. By the way  about the contest I posted under this post, I am not having it because no one entered. So I will do another contest were you have to come up with a story about webkinz and the person with the most creative story wines a…. SUPER BED! I will not say the type of super bed until I announce the winner. Alteast six people have to enter for someone to win. My user name is 11horses so please add me.  Well have fun 😉black_and_white_cat1frog1pink_poodle11



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